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Department of Biology

Student Research

Below is a list of ongoing or recently completed research projects and the mentors for the projects. This should serve as a potential reference for any students looking into pursuing undergraduate research. To see the requirements to receive credit for your research see the Undergraduate Research page.

Analysis of Intestinal Helminths of Largemouth Bass in West central Georgia Hendricks and Klar
The Effects of Mode Delivery Between Gel and Foam Hand Sanitizer on bacteria Davis and Ruehl
Association of Z-DNA Concentrations and B- to Z-DNA Transitionsites with Human Cancerous Cells and Malignancy Levels Frazier and Barone
Gopher Tortoise Diet Determination, Using Plant Barcodes Ballenger and Burgess
NGF Effects on Cardiomycetes after Hypoxia Klar and Hughes
Effect of Insecticides on Crayfish Nerve Activity Hughes and J. Newbrey
Link Between Female Bluebird Health and WBC Counts J. Newbrey and Hughes
Histological Comparison of Pickling Processes in Cucumbers Klar and Ballenger
Effects of Vitamin A Deficiency on Eye Development in Zebrafish Schwartz and Klar
The Effect of Disturbance on Vegetative Community Structure and Diversity: A Comparative Survey Ballenger and Schwartz
Bacteria and Fungi Living in Orchid Roots Davis and Ballenger
Noise Pollution Affecting Blue Jay Nesting Sites J. Newbrey and Holt
Inhibitory Effects of Lemon, Honey, Licorice, and Tumeric Towards Streptococcus pyogenes King and Davis
Effects of Moringa oleifera Aqueous Extract on the Proliferation of Breast cancer Cells Frazier and Zuiderveen